Ripple Into Wellness


Whether you’re here for support with your health journey or your spiritual one, it starts with a Ripple… and you’ll be amazed where it can take you…

Sleep is my number one priority. Without good sleep hygiene, I know that the rest of my healthy lifestyle cannot compete with the negative effects of a restless nights sleep. Intertwined through years of health issues, I was acutely aware of not being a good sleeper, I even went to a sleep clinic. Doctors confirmed what I already knew and sent me on my way (with a prescription for sleeping pills nonetheless). Through my early adult life and into my 40s, I was completely unaware of how poor sleep hygiene could ultimately affect my health and I just pushed on through. 

As a certified sleep science coach, I practice what I preach. Through a consistent bedtime ritual and understanding all of the aspects that can hinder or help getting a good nights sleep, I am able to help you get on track, whether it be trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and everything in between.

Numerous miscarriages had me diagnosed with anti phospholipid syndrome and later on I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, dermatomyositis and then finally I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through this part of my life I learned to advocate more for myself…a place I feel very comfortable now. Desperate for answers, I took my situation into my own hands. I came upon the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol and started on a strict food elimination and reintroduction journey that changed my life. After noticeable changes in my appearance, outlook and overall energy, people started to ask me questions. I’ve always wanted to come from a place of knowledge so I went back to school to study Integrative Health and Wellness and after that certification, I decided to further it by becoming a certified AIP coach. It’s with this knowledge that I can help people discover underlying problematic foods that may be affecting their health as well as guide people through reading labels, making healthier choices and getting comfortable in the kitchen creating healthy meals for themselves and their families.

I was in a much better place with my sleep and eating but there was still something missing. I had started to meditate a few years earlier and I realized that the answers regarding my health journey had come to me while sitting in stillness and silence. I needed to be my own health advocate. 

In those quiet moments it became obvious that I needed to find a louder voice and more answers. Since meditation had become such a powerful source of support and encouragement and a conduit of change for me, I then decided to study and become a certified meditation teacher. I have the utmost passion for guiding people through their meditation journey. I love to see a small change like 10 minutes of daily meditation lead to bigger changes.

So I offer you my story as a way of saying “I know what you are going through”. I’ve been there. I suffered from autoimmune hell and come out of it to a place of feeling a whole lot more well. So whether you need me to be there for you through your health journey or your spiritual one, I’m here. It starts with the first ripple and you’d be amazed as to where it can take you.

I am currently living with my husband and our dog Mishka, just steps outside of NYC in Hoboken, NJ.

I would love to connect with you, reach out….